About Us

Organic Heirloom Cannabis Genetics

Swami Organic Seed is the embodiment of “pura vida” in organically produced cannabis seed. Utilizing the Living Organic Soil methodology we helped establish in cannabis gardening along with Brotherhood of Eternal Love genetics we were gifted by a former BOEL member/associate, we breed for various outcomes in cannabis.

Preservation of Heirloom Cannabis Genetics

Preservation and future development of these heirloom and BOEL genetics are among the priorities we take as a responsibility to cannabis. I personally remember what it was like to enjoy cannabis of the 70’s, and as cannabis activists we are dedicated to bringing these forgotten human pleasures to the modern age. We bring lifetimes worth of cannabis history, cannabis gardening, and cannabis genetics together in Swami Organic Seed.

Why Do We Do This?

Because multiple combinations of poorly selected breedings over the last few decades have produced disease prone types that often lack the desired effects in both indica and sativa preferences. The stronger indicas that were ever present twenty years ago are all but extinct today. Sativa types have been selected to near monotony as well. Overall, the more important genetic aspects of cannabis are often overlooked and bred out. We’re on a mission to change this and make available to future generations that which is truly great cannabis.

A Sustainable Way of Life

The people behind SOS are family minded and focus on organic sustainability principles as a way of life. We actively teach the fundamentals of soil food web and cannabis every chance we get. We sincerely hope that every new customer enjoy our offerings as the many that have enjoyed these types before them. We are eternally thankful to all those before us who have paved the way with their own blood, sweat, and tears to bring to everyone on earth the one true tree of life.


Love, light and blessings,


Swami Crew

Swami Organic Seed