Purple Zebra

Purple Zebra

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Swami Organic Seed Cannabis Type:

Mazar-I-Shariff/Guerrero x Blue Mystic/Velvet Rush

Breeding Information:

This polyhybrid was a breeder personal experiment to add a Thai type to a Afghani and Mexican landrace hybrid with the results being better than expected. The Mazar x Guerrero F1 in this cross was the ‘swami k’ cut which was a bit more in the sativa end of the spectrum in both flowering time and effect. It was pollinated with a powdery mildew resistant male of swami’s standards.

Known Phenotypes:

Afghani,Central American,and Thai. This type tends to lean towards the highland Thai side of the sativa spectrum.


Medium to tall plants with good node spacing. Medium to semi tall strong stems and verdant to dark green leaf with purple on leaf serrations at harvest.


OG fuel, lemon, citrus


Powerful creeper effect,high CBD and THC. Some may think it’s too much for their lifestyle. Can be trippy.

Flowering Time:

56 – 65 days

Breeder’s Notes:

A stronger than average type with good mold and mite resistance.

Purple Zebra

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not take responsibility for the traits expressed in cannabis that appear in phenotype expression and variation of effect. Some of these types are unrefined landrace crosses, landrace hybrids, etc., and may exhibit undesirable traits not bred out yet or developed into a stable line. However, the history of the lines speak for themselves and any known imperfections are not offered. We do not exaggerate early flowering times, as most sativa/indica hybrids will have flowering time variations that range between both parents realistically between 55 and over 100 days to full fruition depending upon expression and line.