Kali Mist x Burmese/Cherry Bomb F2

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Name Of Type:

Kali Mist x Burmese/Cherry Bomb F2

Breeding Information:

First release Kali Mist female pollinated with the only existing Mr Greengene’s Burmese/Cherry Bomb male.

Known Phenotypes:

Kali Mist and Cherry Bomb dominated phenotypes,some expressions with a bit more Burmese.

seem to be more exotic.

Growth Characteristics:

Fast growing plants that stretch extensively.


Sweet exotic incense,spice,cotton candy.


Classic sativa with the ‘monkey fist’ Cherry Bomb expressions that Mr Greengenes bred in to the Maui line.

Effect of smoking:

Soaring,inebriating,and sometime psychedelically incapacitating.

Flowering Times:

65 -­ 80 days

Breeder’s Notes:

Very potent and exotic expressions to be found in this line.

The Kali Mist mother in this Swami Organic Seed hybrid was the first release Kali Mist, which by all accounts is the one of the best ‘feel good’ sativas available today. Women particularly enjoy the effects from the Kali.

I acquired the V.I.S.C. Burmese x Mr Greengenes Cherry Bomb seeds from Mr Greengenes himself who had done the cross to the Burmese. I found only one male from the seeds and used it to pollinate this Kali Mist.

Very fruity sweet sandalwood incense smoke followed by an incapacitating inebriation. No ceiling on most expressions, and slightly psychedelic, this sativa is not for the light smoker in much the same manner any higher quality sativa may be for some individuals.

Kali Mist

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not take responsibility for the traits expressed in cannabis that appear in phenotype expression and variation of effect. Some of these types are unrefined landrace crosses, landrace hybrids, etc., and may exhibit undesirable traits not bred out yet or developed into a stable line. However, the history of the lines speak for themselves and any known imperfections are not offered. We do not exaggerate early flowering times, as most sativa/indica hybrids will have flowering time variations that range between both parents realistically between 55 and over 100 days to full fruition depending upon expression and line.