Cherry Bomb

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Name Of Type:

Cherry Bomb

Breeding Information:

Swami Organic Seed repopulated with permission from original Mr Greengenes 1979 Maui­Wowie IBL seeds.

Known Phenotypes:

A 50/50 hybrid from BOEL sourced and bred 70’s Oaxacan Mexican and Afghani. Selected for potency,taste,and flower shape for over 3 decades by Mr Greengenes.

Growth Characteristics:

Fast growing sativa expressions with the more desired ‘monkey fist’ indica expressions surfacing also.


Metallic and sweet cherry and wood smell and taste on most.


Taller Mexican Oaxacan spear sativa with subdued Afghani expressions.

Effect of smoking:

Moderate to strong sativa/indica based inebriation. Not as long lasting as most Thai hybrids, some expressions are psychedelic in nature. More a mid­ day toker’s herb as it won’t disable your thinking or driving capabilities. Non­ anxiety, non­ couch­lock. Not extremely social, but functional.

Flowering Time:

60 ­- 90 days

Breeder’s notes:

This is the one and only authentic 1979 Cherry Bomb Maui­Wowie IBL from it’s breeder Mr Greengenes. There are a few unethical seed companies and breeders that have released Cherry Bomb under it’s own name as a Cherry Bomb hybrid crossed out to other modern types, only a couple of reputable sources for the original unmolested line still exist worldwide: Swami and Verdant Green. “Bomb Seeds” and “Reeferman Seeds” and others are the imposters.

As Mr G has recently resurfaced, I have returned both phenotypes in the best interest of all humans.

I have repopulated the Cherry Bomb twice. Trying to make the same kind of selections that Mr Greengenes noted, and at the same time maintain diversity in its various expressions from this IBL. Another future breeding will follow Mr Greengenes based selections for continuance of the line. There were intersex issues in the TO and BO x CB,but more suppressed in the pure IBL. Breeders these days recognize Maui’s as ones to carry this trait.

Mr. Greengenes often stated that he selected most for potency and a metallic cherry taste. Some expressions have a very sweet cherry like fragrance. The smoke is mellow and quite intoxicating, but not overpowering. I can recognize both Mexican and Afghani parents, but it tends to lean towards the Mexican side for sure. Mr G thought there may be Thai in the lineage, but having the BOEL come out and say exactly what the lineage is pretty much clears all speculation on origin. There may have been Thai introduced in the lineage later after BOEL breedings on the Islands, but these do indeed act more like Mexicans compared to these ripping Thai’s we have.

The ton of Oaxacan went to Hawaii. On a beach in Manzanillo, Eddie Padilla held up a spear and said it looked like a lightening bolt due to the frosty flowers glistening in the sun. They called the weed and the boat “Lightning Bolt.”

Cherry Bomb

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not take responsibility for the traits expressed in cannabis that appear in phenotype expression and variation of effect. Some of these types are unrefined landrace crosses, landrace hybrids, etc., and may exhibit undesirable traits not bred out yet or developed into a stable line. However, the history of the lines speak for themselves and any known imperfections are not offered. We do not exaggerate early flowering times, as most sativa/indica hybrids will have flowering time variations that range between both parents realistically between 55 and over 100 days to full fruition depending upon expression and line.