Blue Orca Haze

Blue Orca Haze

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Swami Organic Seed Cannabis Type:

Blue Orca Haze

Breeding Information:

Blue Orca x 1991 NL#5/Neville’s Haze

Known Phenotypes:

Uniform F1 polyhybrids with a small ratio of more indica or more sativa leaning expressions

Growth Characteristics:

Large F1 polyhybrid vigor plants that quickly propagate and develop resinous and often large flowers. Plants can be flowered small or large with yields up to 1/2 lb in a 5 gallon pot.

Medicinal, Sensory Effects:

Slightly sweet to fruity, and sandalwood scents and expressions. Very potent and inebriating, often psychedelic, often introspective, some phenotypes have been found to be the best smoke many have ever had.

Flowering Time:

56 ­- 80 days

Breeder’s Notes:

Breeders favorite, this is a nice fix for the old ratty NL#5/Neville’s Haze. Mellower and kinder on the nerves than the NLH, as well as potentially a bit more potent.

For those in the know, this is the long awaited reproduction BO x NL#5/Haze release after previous consumer testing.

This is a serious NL#5/Haze upgrade in taste and effect,and quite successful at mellowing the classic teeth clenching anxiety of the Haze. Coots 71 Afghani x 76 Thai Stick ‘Blue Orca’ brings on the flavor adding a beefier pre­soviet Kandahar indica and a top notch 70’s “dealer’s choice” Thai­stick which meshes very nicely with the 1991 NL#5 x Neville’s Haze Swami F1 male from Coot.

Very resinous and hardy plants that tend to express uniformity very well, yet some variances still occur. So if one were to prefer a more sativa selection over indica, the opportunity still exists. Again, this is one of the best sativa’s most anyone who smokes it has ever encountered as is often muttered after a session. This is not an exaggeration and caution should be taken or better daily planning implemented considering it’s long lasting soaring inebriation. Very introspective behavior prone, yet for monotonous boring long­-houred jobs, this is the answer to the laborious aspects humans often face.

Also a fantastic medicine as a spiritual sacrament since typical “over consumption” can produce a shamanic type of mental space and in some people enhance already present internal personalities, so better to hold your tongue after smoking most days.

Highly resinous flowers with a subtle hazy, yet more a sweet exotic incense scent. Smoke is all old school and predominantly Thai/haze, with deep indica bass notes surfacing after. A proper cure delivers some of the finest smoke on earth.

Blue Orca Haze

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not take responsibility for the traits expressed in cannabis that appear in phenotype expression and variation of effect. Some of these types are unrefined landrace crosses, landrace hybrids, etc., and may exhibit undesirable traits not bred out yet or developed into a stable line. However, the history of the lines speak for themselves and any known imperfections are not offered. We do not exaggerate early flowering times, as most sativa/indica hybrids will have flowering time variations that range between both parents realistically between 55 and over 100 days to full fruition depending upon expression and line.